Delta Gamma


Erika Beek


Nicole Radzius

Vice President Finance

Sarah Aulik

Vice President Communications

Jessie Bourdow

Vice President Programming

Katie Torguson

Vice President Social Standards

Kaitlyn Schuler

Vice President Member Education

Abby Stepanek

Vice President Membership

Savannah Dimick

Vice President Foundation

Julia Baranczyk

Vice President Panhellenic

Claire Lyons

Director of Special Events

Erin Wilburn

Director of Social Events

Caroline Marchiori

Director of Social Awareness

Sarah Bimberg

Director of Funds

Kinsey Hegna

Director of House Management

Sydney Komoto

Director of E-Comm

Hannah Heitkamp

Director of Public Relations

Samantha Oberstar

Director of Chapter Archives

Sara Beneke

Director of Member Involvement

Hallie Fousek

Director of Alumnae Relations

Jamie Johnson

Director of Sisterhoods

Kayla Morris

Director of Senior Programming

Alexa Ferrie

Director of Scholarship

Meghan Burns

Director of Rituals

Hailey Buysse

Director of Pursuits

Laurel Hedtke

Director of Continuous Open Bidding

Natalie Jantschek

Director of Recruitment Records

Allie Coughlin

Director of Anchor Games

Katelyn Brown

Director of Fundraising

Grace Gretz

Director of Crews

Lauren Williams

Director of Apparel

Callie Albers

Panhellenic Alternate Delegate

Emma Lopez

Director of Interfraternal Activities

Gabby Hanssen

Director of Homecoming and Machy Days

Erika Hermanson

Honor Board Sophomore Member

Caresse Jison

Honor Board Junior Member

Taylor Elshaw

Honor Board Member At Large